Concrete Drilling, Boring, Cutting

These specific tasks are achieved efficiently and cost-effectively, thanks to the specialised equipment and qualified staff at Down to Earth Demolitions.

Core Drilling

Core Drilling is a way to cut precise, circular holes for electrical, plumbing or other internal utilities. Capable of drilling holes with diameters ranging from 16mm to 1 metre, Down to Earth Demolitions offers the versatility required in most building renovations.

Road Sawing

Road Saws are ideal for cutting horizontal flat surfaces such as bridge decks, concrete floors, bitumen roads, and pavements. Our company has acquired technologically advanced Road Saws which allow us to service the various needs of our clients quickly and cost-effectively.

The versatility of our Road Saws enables us to cover depths of up to 650mm, efficiently and cost-effectively, saving time and cost to our clients.

Hand Sawing

concrete cutting

Hand Saws are used for cutting depths of up to 150mm thick in walls and floors. These Hand Saws can easily cut floors in areas that are inaccessible for a larger Road Saw, and provide a faster, more efficient way of cutting.

They also offer the convenience of cutting shallower depths in walls, than is achieved using the wall saw. Down to Earth Demolitions utilizes equipment that is the latest in design and technology, to get the job done efficiently